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Travel agency in Southern Thailand. By expert in touring in various destinations in the south. There are many options to choose from. Whether you are driving a tour of your desired destination, a city tour, a package tour of the famous tourist destination in the south, a tour of which you can choose your own destination.

James Bond Island

Program and Itinerary

Operated day : Daily

Half day excursion with 4 departure times
Duration 1: 05.40 Hrs. - 10.40 Hrs. (Watching sunrise through the cave)
Duration 2: 07.00 Hrs. - 12.00 Hrs.
Duration 3: 12.00 Hrs. - 17.00 Hrs.
Duration 4: 13.30 Hrs. - 18.30 Hrs. (Watching sunset through the cave)

Assembly point: The Phang-Nga Provincial Administrative Organization Pier (Time is accorded to booked departure time)
1.Khao Machu – Poodle dog of Phang-Nga Bay
2.Khao Khian – Watch an old painting which were painted over 3,000 years.
3.Panyee Island – Watch Floating football field, having some food, shopping, and photo shooting.
4.Talu Island – Experience sunrise through the cave, enjoin canoeing activity.
5.Tapu Island – Experience The Wonder of The World. Photo shooting.
6.Phing kan Island – Experience The Wonder of The World. Photo shooting.
7.Nark Cave – Watching beautiful and spectacular stalactites and stalagmites inside the grotto.
8.Evergreen forest – Boating into forest, watching various animals in the area.
9.Lod Cave – Boating pass through the cave and watch a very beautiful mountain.
10.Swimming – Play in the water. Activities are accorded to the weather and sea level.

Please note that visiting duration of each place is unspecifiable, this is subjected to weather and sea level conditions.

Selling Prices
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